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Field Validators requirements are simple: Adobe Dreamweaver MX2004 or a later version, DW CC included.

Field Validator is distributed as an extension to Adobe Dreamweaver MX2004 or later versions, packaged in a file named HDW_Field

The submit event is selected and disabled: this is normal, as the validation rules are always checked when the form attempts to send captured data to the server.

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For this, you need to define: the minimum number of characters (chars min) allowed in the text field and / or the maximum number of characters (max chars).Both the minimum and the maximum number of characters must be integers.If the field value does not meet the regular expression entered in the "pattern", then an error message is shown - the text of the message needs to be entered in the "message" field below the pattern field.Characters length: you can limit the amount of characters that can be entered in a text field.To install it you only need to execute that file or use the Adobe Extension Manager tool.

Once installed, the Field Validator extension can be accessed (after restarting Dreamweaver) through the Insert bar "Form To use the extension "Field Validator", open the page in Adobe Dreamweaver, in editing mode. This field must have a unique identifier (ID) within the website.Validate group: there's also a rule that allows to validate an entire group of checkboxes and radio elements.To validate a group of checkboxes or radios, you should first select the operator to use.When using the validation rule "Numbers only", it is possible to limit the field to admit only positive numbers or integers.When selecting a validation rule, a text box will be available for you to enter an error message that will be shown when the field value does not meet the validation rule.If you want to impose a lower boundary, then you should enter the minimum allowed value in "min value", and if you want to impose an upper boundary, then that value must be entered in "max value".