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If the strings to be compared are given as equal calls to the same template containing such tags, then the condition is true, but in the case of two templates with identical content containing such tags it is false.

Literal comparisons to page-name magic words may fail depending on site configuration.

If this is not desirable, comparison of strings can be done after putting them in quotation marks.

In addition, dropped and rejected values are listed at the end for comprehensiveness.element which is not ideal for content relationships.The accuracy and format of the result returned will vary depending on the operating system of the server running the wiki and the number format of the site language.When evaluating using boolean algebra, zero evaluates to Note, if using the output of magic words, you must raw-format them in order to remove commas and translate the numerals.Negative values for the number of segments to return parameter effectively 'strips' segments from the end of the string.

Negative values for the first segment to return translates to "start with this segment counting from the right": Before processing, the pagename parameter is HTML-decoded: if it contains some standard HTML character entities, they will be converted to plain characters (internally encoded with UTF-8, i.e.

For example, results in 9,324,157, where we want 9324157, which can be obtained using If you want to do calculations based on dates (ex.

test whether current date and time is after some other date and time), first convert the time to number of seconds after January 1, 1970 using , then you can simply add and subtract dates as numbers.

This happens because the spaces are stripped by the software, before being sent to the browser.

This page contains tables of known HTML rel values from specifications, formats, proposals, brainstorms, and non-trivial POSH usage in the wild.

(It may be configured to provide additional parser functions for string handling; these string functions are documented elsewhere.) All the parser functions provided by this extension take the form: The available operators are listed to the right, in order of precedence.