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Nicolas Winding Refn is a consummate film nerd, but he also admits he’s no walking film encyclopedia. I haven’t seen every movie ever made, and I can’t quote every movie ever made.I leave that up to other people that are more obsessive about it.” Ever the media-friendly filmmaker, Refn interviews these days are a frequent occurrence.

The worse something is after that point the more enjoyable it suddenly becomes.

Like those old monster movies where you can see the zipper sticking out.

“We worked on the book for almost four years, so it’s like, I guess I’ll hit the road again.

It’s like being in a band.” The book is a closing of an era for Refn, he says. I wanted to do a poster book that’s all about seeing, imaging what all these films will show you. I guess I’ve done one in “Pusher 2” where [Mads Mikkelsen’s character] can’t get an erection, I thought that was really funny.

Like Naked Came the Stranger or Atlanta Nights, which were both written deliberately to be as as possible and yet both went on to be bestsellers.

Lust & Fae is so unbelievably awful I have a hard time with the idea that the author isn't totally in on this.Knowing the fae's natural magnetism could ignite a riot, Cal im Cal has been alone all his life.After all, lust demons aren't known for their ability to fall in love.Or as he gleefully admits, “a very expensive book, but about trash.” Refn arrives in Austin today as part of a touring roadshow for the book, and to screen prints of three films featured in it pages as part of Fantastic Fest.“It was very important when it was done to give a good release,” he mentioned in our phone chat.Making it personal and imperfect, not trying to make it perfect or not trying to make it like everything else.