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Over time, she learns to talk to animals, but fails to remember anything about her past before the shipwreck, including her name after Ro.Her only clues are a battered trunk with a broken nameplate (Ro) and a shredded flag with a white rose.Thanks to their efforts, Ro arrives in a stunning gown while her grace leaves all the guests impressed, including Peter.

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Ten years later, a handsome prince named Antonio discovers Ro's island.She saves his life when crocodiles attack him and his friend Frazer.After a violent storm, Sagi, a wise red panda and Azul, a flamboyant peacock discover that a six-year-old girl has been shipwrecked on their island.They and a baby elephant named Tika, decide to help her.Unknown to all, Luciana’s mother, Queen Ariana is plotting to kill Antonio's family at the wedding and overthrow their kingdom, although Luciana is not wanting to help her mother, as she is much too kind and also befriends Ro.

Queen Ariana's motive is revenge for her parents, who were banished and reduced to pig farmers for the attempted murder of Antonio's parents years ago.

After a dance together, she leaves and spots a carriage outside the castle bearing the same design as the flag found back on the island.

The carriage's horse tells Ro that the flag belongs to another neighboring kingdom called Paladia, but the duke and duchess (the carriage's owners) only had sons; no daughters.

The queen sees Ro as a threat to her plans and quickly plots to dispose of her.

Over the next few days, Ro repeatedly tries to please Antonio's parents, but due to Ariana's interference, they all end in disaster, which further increases the king's dislike of her.

While the little girls immediately love Ro and her animals, Danielle is unsure what to think about Ro while Peter doesn't approve of her at all.