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Many indoor mikvahs have a source of local stream or rain water, while the facilities usually rival top hotels with gorgeous inlaid tile work, plush towels, and soft lighting.

We spend about 45 minutes to an hour in our private pool, in some ways meditating, and then carry on with a shower, drying our hair, and getting dressed to go back into the world.

She apparently heard the rumor from her boss that all observant Jews have sex this way and figured it might actually be true because Jews do tons of other hard-to-explain stuff like not eating pigs or driving on Friday nights.

Some couples choose small families and others choose large families.It's up to them based on their circumstances, and it's generally accepted for women to use birth control when they feel they're no longer able (medically, emotionally, or even financially) to continue.In the case of our menstrual cycle, the period signals the lack of life, since the egg wasn't fertilized during ovulation.Because there's no life being generated; the shedding of lining that occurs during your period signals a death of a sort.We abstain from sexual relations typically around 10 to 14 days of each month starting from the first day of our period.

By the time we're ready to have sex again, we're ovulating, and our husband's tandem abstinence actually strengthens his sperm count."It's a common misconception is that Jewish tradition views our menstrual cycle as dirty," explains my friend Sarah Alevsky, co-director of Chabad Family Programs of the West Side.

That's not to say that people having un-kosher (by definition) sex are being disrespectful to anyone; I'm just doing what feels spiritually right for my home, and what's been done for countless generations before me.

You see, the Jews created the ultimate fertility formula that also doubles as an intimacy formula, and I'm not about to stand in the way of what works.

Sex and eating are actually two very, very spiritual experiences, and we go as far as possible with both to ensure only the best possible energetic circumstances.

We even make sure all kosher meat is totally absent of blood (you'll never see a bloody T-bone steak at a kosher restaurant, for example).

In my case, I had three C-sections in under five years, so my Jewterus is sitting on the bench with a copper spring until further notice.