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'” Blake, of course, dated co-star Penn Badgley, 28, who played her onscreen boyfriend Dan Humphrey, from 2008 to 2010. — but worlds were shattered when it was revealed in the finale (spoilers) that he was the baddest B of them all: ended in 2012, Blake took a long hiatus from acting and started lifestyle site Preserve. “It taps into so many of my own passions, but it also is a business that I can control.

Dan seemed like the only moral voice of reason on the show — he had real problems! If I can be successful at this, I have security for my family and my babies.” Babies — was that plural that we read, Blake?

Now: Michelle Trachtenberg had the perfect inspo for Georgina — her own teenage years at a prestigious but vicious private school.

But psych, that's just the first of her many schemes, from bedding Dan to finding Jesus to faking her baby's paternity.

She had a love/hate relationship with the GG inner circle, and her one-liners and stomach for ruthlessness were some of the show's best "OMG, is this bitch for real?! She ended her reign of terror after finally meeting her match, Chuck's skeevy uncle Jack.

After being outed by the maniacal Georgina, he had a few semi-serious relationships before getting mixed up with drugs and the duplicitous, Serena-obsessed Damian.

Around season four, he peaced out to Sarah Lawrence College and only returned for a brief good-bye in the finale (like Jenny).

Then: Nelly Yuki is a lesson for the kids: Do not peak in high school! Now: Creeping Chang's Instagram, as GG would, we couldn't help but notice she's friends with one of our favorites, Aimee Teegarden (Julie Taylor from Then: After a Paris meet-cute, Blair and Prince Louis went on a disastrous double date with Serena and his undercover security guard, with Blair throwing a tantrum when she thinks it's Serena who got the prince.

After years of being a nervous minion for Blair, Penelope, and Jenny, Nelly uses her cunning intellect to get into Yale — Blair's dream school — and then does everything she can to sabotage her former boss bitch. Y., she scores a job at and gives Blair's clothing line a shade-filled review. Not all is lost when Louis shows up in New York — with one of Blair's shoes — and the two resume their romance, becoming engaged despite the royal family's deep dislike of Blair.Now: Connor, who attended acting school with Taylor Momsen and Then: Brooklyn's resident hip wet blanket, Vanessa mainly functioned as the "angel voice" on Dan's shoulder, but still juggled on-and-off relationships with him and Nate.Mostly, though, she wore statement necklaces and got involved in schemes that were way above her pay grade.As a fave of Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld, she also has that impossibly chic jolie laide look nailed, and is a street style star often photographed at Paris Fashion Week's hottest shows.Then: What better way to transition out of Disney handcuffs than with a girl-on-girl turn on The CW Network? Oh, and before she left school and town forever, they offer her the true college experience, which obviously includes shots and a threesome.Through it all, though, she proved herself to be impeccably loyal, capable, and selfless — she was Blair's true best friend.