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But a trend it undeniably was, and one that spread from its proper home in the world of rock to the lower halves of the likes of 90s heartthrobs Hugh Grant and Chris O' Donnell.No, we don’t know whom to blame for the start of the leather-pants trend, but I think we know whom to thank for ending it. W.) and rocker chicks like Courtney Love , the slip dress soon belonged to everyone.

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It’s even said “the biggest shove came from David Schwimmer,” who “kept his distance.” “Jen hasn’t kept in touch with David.

When they met up for the special, it was really awkward,” one supposed “source” claims, going on to allege, “David refused to sit next to Jennifer! She was hurt.” The alleged tipster further says, “She felt like an outsider!

She became a real-life divorcee in 2011 when she and Arquette amicably split.

But, like buddy Aniston, she found love again: In 2014, Cox announced her engagement to Irish alt rocker Johnny Mc Daid of the band Snow Patrol, whom she met through songsmith friend Ed Sheeran.

Call it a murse, man purse, or satchel, the bottom line is that you have Joey to thank for the ability to carry a sandwich with you wherever you go. But the queen of denim was none other than Rachel Green, who rocked the fabric not only on the bottom but, in the height of her Central Perk days, on the top as well.

(Here’s a rather comprehensive look.) Her sleeveless-denim-shirt habit alone was enough to keep a string of Gap outlets in business.

Flowing skirts and peasant blouses were all the rage in the early aughts. I mean, if Rachel, the girl next door, can go out to dinner with her boyfriend’s parents wearing a nightie, what’s to stop you?

While people are quick to give fashion icons like Mary-Kate Olsen or Sienna Miller credit for this 60s revival, I think we all know who the most iconic and beloved hippie of the late 90s was. Bike messengers get all the glory, but I think we can’t overlook Joey Tribbiani’s influence when it comes to making roomy bags an acceptable thing for men to carry.

She also tapped into the sweet smell of success with two of her own celebrity fragrances launched in 20. ): Aniston became engaged to actor Justin Theroux in August 2012, the same year she received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Courteney Cox), but got some rock star face time in 1984 when Bruce Springsteen pulled her from the crowd in his music video “Dancing in the Dark.” She played some notable TV girlfriends – first Alex P. Fox) love interest on , a sitcom about a divorcee and her 40-something friends.

Remember how relieved we were when we learned she was not only there, but was the maid of honor?