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While reports from around the league seem to corroborate this image, the flip side is that Oden did have an admitted drinking problem while going through his many injury recoveries.Oden was set to workout for the Clippers soon, and one has to wonder if that is now off the table – especially in light of all the other negative PR that the team has had to deal with.His felony offense carries a penalty of one to six years behind bars. Thursday in his mother's Lawrence home, according to a Lawrence Police Department report.

Starring in street clothes, once again: The 2007 top NBA pick, Blazer Greg Oden.

Greg Oden is everything he has been accused of being. )At the same time, as promised, in those times he has been on the court, he has produced, as promised, like the best young big man in the game.

PHOTOS: Greg Oden through the years 4/3/06 -- Indianapolis, IN, U. A -- Greg Oden of Lawrence North High school is the basketball All USA TODAY player of the year.

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There have been other rumors of new girlfriends for Greg Oden, but none seemed to stick around long.

This story is at least slightly surprising, as Oden has always seemed like the gentle giant type.The fading sunlight illuminates the bustling gym lobby as the varsity pep squad huddles near a massive trophy case built within the brick walls of the athletic complex at Indianapolis' Lawrence North High School.The group bursts into a set of jumps, twists and cheers at the end of a recent after-school practice.Hovering above them, centered inside the floor-to-ceiling shrine of championship memorabilia, is a poster of the primary contributor to the display.One image captures Greg Oden battling for low-post position on the way to leading the Wildcats to a third straight state title and the nation's No. Another shows one of the many emphatic dunks that earned Oden honors as Indiana's Mr.While Oden was described by officers as “calm, apologetic and cooperative”, he did not deny the charges and took full responsibility.