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After a chance meeting as a young fan, Stacy Brown became friends with the bizarre family of Michael Jackson.

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But Randy proved a bit too immature for Alejandra, and while he was away from home, Jermaine moved in. Randy, meanwhile, withheld child-support payments, which Jermaine said he just couldn’t understand. “He shouldn’t let his feelings for me or Alejandra come between taking care of his kids.” Jermaine didn’t understand Randy’s anger in general.

“Randy didn’t treat me like I was the one,” Alejandra told me. “He needs to get over it and leave all the petty stuff behind and act like a man,” Jermaine said to me.

When I picked Jermaine up, he insisted we try and see Farrakhan so that his alibi would work.

An aide to Farrakhan said he wasn’t available, so we returned to Hayvenhurst. Jermaine divorced Alejandra in 2004, leaving the divorce papers behind in the house as he went on tour.

Things broke down so badly between the brothers that they refused to speak to one another.

In 1997, I was in the kitchen with Jackie, Tito and Jermaine, who was feeling tortured over the thought of having to fly with and go on stage alongside Randy to accept their introduction as The Jackson 5 into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.“Dudes, this isn’t as much of a problem that you all are making it out to be,” I said.“Randy isn’t a member of The Jackson 5; he joined the group when you were called The Jacksons. I know she’d take me back and get rid of that (expletive) Bobby Brown.Jermaine called Alejandra and told her that Minister Louis Farrakhan was in town and that we were going by his hotel to speak with him.We headed up into the pitch-black darkness of the Sepulveda Pass where we parked and Sandy parked right behind us.“That was supposed to be me,” Jermaine Jackson said, for the 100th time, talking about the superstardom his younger brother enjoyed. Then he asked to borrow 0 to change the tires on his Mercedes.