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While blockbusting franchises such as Grand Theft Auto and Fallout can rightly boast about sprawling landscapes that swell with each release, Murray and his team have effectively invented an infinite cosmos to fly a spaceship around. “That’s two to the power of 64.” Each world is waiting to be discovered, named and colonised.

They all come with distinct, psychedelically coloured plants and creatures and, were you to discover one planet every second, it would take you 500 billion years to find them all.

He looks an awful lot like a young Joel Murray who played ' George' on "One Crazy Summer".Joel Murray would have to have fathered Sean when he was very young but Joel Murray has plenty of older brother's, including Bill Murray, who could have done the Job.No Man's Sky has already proved tremendously popular since it launched earlier this week on PS4 and today more fans are enjoying the game with the release on PC and Steam.Xbox One owners understandably could be a little jealous that a game of such incredible possibilities hasn't been released on the Microsoft console.“Having people care about your game so much isn’t that bad a situation,” says Murray, generously. Billed as a space exploration and survival adventure, your notional aim is to guide a character from a distant planet to the centre of an unexplored galaxy.

But the truly revolutionary thing about it is its size.

The density or immersion of worlds, or new types of worlds could exist.

It's a really fun thing to think about, its a really fun thing to think about what impact more powerful hardware could have on our game and tech in the future.

So more powerful hardware doesn’t just mean upgraded textures or a higher framerate.

It means we can fundamentally change the experience."You can have - and you'll see this from our patch notes - we're able to change huge things in the universe, because we have complete control."With more powerful hardware, we can have more trees, more leafs on those trees.

However whether the game is a PS4 exclusive or whether this was a timed exclusive that might one day come to Xbox One.