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Rey and Finn have been friends since their first day at Julliard.

He has been in three celebrity relationships averaging approximately 6.5 years each. The coordinates lead to Chicago, Illinois and the Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles, and while the locations' significance to the couple is unclear, Meegan hails from Skokie, Illinois and in recent years had been living in Woodland Hills.Slash can flaunt his new chick all he wants -- his soon-to-be ex-wife doesn't care, since she's getting her fair share of action too ... In fact, Perla laid out a bunch of reasons why -- less than 2 months after Slash surprisingly filed for divorce -- they're totally cool with each other. and she told us she's got no problem with Slash's new gf -- and doesn't even mind their matching tattoos. “Yeah.”“I didn't think you were the sort.”Poe muses on his beloved friend, Finn, during downtime. Just a cute bit of fluff, no real plot :) Written as a request to the prompt 'resting'.

“Happiness isn’t supposed to be the main goal of a First Order officer, Dameron!” Hux balled his hand into a fist and Poe bit back a retort he might regret later.No, personal happiness wasn’t supposed to be his or Morap’s first objective.It’s their first night in town and parked a little ways down the street from their hotel is a bright orange food truck. It was like a mantra, but it was never that simple, and never that easy, and maybe it wasn't even a good idea.But for the group of people who wanted to find happiness, they were damn well going to try.But Kylo knows that she will eventually run out of places to hide. Your crazy matches my crazy, big time.” —This fic is a role play between Beautiful Lights and Tupping Liberty.