Wsus clients not updating or checking in with server

To resolve the issue, follow the steps listed in KB262981, linked above, to create one or more exceptions to Internet Explorer's proxy configuration on affected machines: Quick Tips content is self-published by the Dell Support Professionals who resolve issues daily.

Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, WSUS - Clients not yet reported (not syncing the updates) in Technical; Hello all!

So we've recently setup WSUS in our domain following Michael's guide .

You have to specify the name of the Update server so that client can communicate and get update from the local update server.

To use this setting, you must set two servername values: the server from which the Automatic Updates client detects and downloads updates, and the server to which updated workstations upload statistics. In My case i have local Update server named “IT” and it uses the port no “8530” for communication. here i used “8530” for communication, the reason is in my update server the Port no “80” was not available during the installation so i have configured server with the custom port of “8530”.

If any of the updates require a restart to complete the installation, Windows will restart the computer automatically.

(If a user is logged on to the computer when Windows is ready to restart, the user will be notified and given the option to delay the restart.)With this option, the local administrators will be allowed to use the Automatic Updates control panel to select a configuration option of their choice.Manual update checking will definitely be affected, however.This issue can occur if the computer checking for updates is behind a proxy server, even if the WSUS server is on the same local network and Internet Explorer is configured to bypass the proxy server for local addresses.This setting lets you specify if automatic updates are enabled on this computer.If the service is enabled, you must select one of the four options in the Group Policy Setting: When Windows finds updates that apply to this computer, an icon appears in the status area with a message that updates are ready to be downloaded.if you haven’t configured this option the computer will restart after 5 min since the installation over, it will cause loss of unsaved data.