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We’d go into the sporting goods department, and hurl tennis balls, or handballs (who in 1970s West Virginia played handball?? In the rear of the store was a snack bar, or diner, or whatever you want to call it.And we’d often fling balls into it, from a great distance.

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We were running like the hounds of hell were on our heels. I can see him now, sprinting across the parking lot with his wrists pressed high against his chest.

In any case, we had to lay-low for a while, after our encounter with “the dancing bear.” Heh.

Along with millions of other improbable combinations…

And when I was a youngling my friends and I used that place like our own personal giant and incredibly cool playground.And we’d occasionally change the prices on albums, something that was possible during that pre-computer era.Once I bought a copy of (a double album) for .99, using the price tag off a bottle of shampoo, or something.The ability to work fast without making mistakes and meeting deadlines are equally important.Certificates demonstrating computing skills are common experience in Data Entry Clerk resume samples.In the town where I grew up there used to be a large K-Mart-style store, called Murphy’s Mart.