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Sarah and Brad take Lucy and Aaron back to her house and put the kids to bed.

Brad looks at one of Sarah's books and finds a photo of him in it.

It turns out that he never left the note for her and tells one of the skateboarders to dispose of it for him.

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Her marriage falls apart when she discovers that Richard is addicted to online pornography.She meets Brad Adamson, a law student who brings his 4-year-old son, Aaron, to the park.The film screened at the 44th New York Film Festival organized by the Film Society of Lincoln Center.It earned 3 nominations at the 79th Academy Awards: Best Actress for Winslet, Best Supporting Actor for Haley, and Best Adapted Screenplay for Field and Perrotta.One day, several parents panic when they see Ronnie Mc Gorvey, a sex offender who was recently released from prison, swimming in the pool with the children.

After Ronnie is escorted away by the police, it begins to rain.The intimacy evident between Brad and Sarah confirms her suspicions, and Kathy arranges for her mother to come for an extended visit so Brad and Sarah can't see one another anymore.When Brad's football team plays its final game, Sarah attends and cheers as Brad scores the winning touchdown.Ronnie knows this is futile, but agrees to go on a date May has arranged for him with a woman named Sheila.During dinner, Ronnie tells Sheila about his criminal record, and Sheila in return tells him that she has had a series of nervous breakdowns.As reported by KETK on Friday, Union Grove school officials will interview Coach Steve Mulkey’s accusers in August.