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At first it's funny when the aliens land in front of a 7-Eleven, but then there are several references to the store and scenes shot inside it when the Slurpee is described as "the most delicious frozen drink in the universe." Most of the movie's 7-Eleven's inventory is generic, but there are at least four shots that show Pop Chips on the shelves.

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Words like "idiot," "stupid," "chick," "loser," "Little Miss Housewife," etc.This movie at times seems like 7-Eleven commercial.Unlike many other animated movies, this one doesn't shy away from sexuality, either: Alien couples kiss several times, a female admires her boyfriend's body, several characters comment on a "nerdy" character's beautiful wife, and online dating is even referenced.Lastly, families sensitive to consumerism should know that there are parts of the movie that seem practically like a commercial for 7-Eleven.And it might confuse really young kids to see the U. military depicted as containing not just a vengeful general but also a host of soldiers willing to follow his orders.

Gary and Kira are loving parents and make decisions to help save their loved ones.

You update your profile picture to something that says, “I’m fun and I’m cute, but I also have a great personality,” but panic ultimately sets in. You are present and available in reality, willing to exist in that moment with the people two feet away from you, breathing the same air.

Was it too ballsy to swipe right on that guy from Econ?

Nowadays, the second scenario is so rare on campus and in society because of the escalating reliance that we have on technology for comfort.

Inevitably, it has seeped into one of the most uncomfortable, nerve-wracking, and sometimes humiliating aspects of life: dating.

Tinder, an uber-popular app that promises to help you “meet interesting people nearby,” (which is its undeniably creepy slogan) is changing the dating game and making it more of an algorithm than an experience.