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Rio de Janeiro is—literally—an open air art gallery.

The Passion-HD channel is your chance to see the highest quality artcore porn ever filmed in full 1080p high definition detail.Hardcore action in multiple niches, all filmed on state of the art gear and edited by true craftsmen of erotica, this PORN.What would Brazilian iconography be without names like Eckhout, Debret, Ferrez, Verger, along with so many others who disembarked here?The foreign gaze was a mirror of our own identity, sometimes reflecting us, sometimes bewildering us.It is through public initiatives like these that we can find a gateway into Brazilian society in order to bring quality culture from around the world to a space that is open, accessible, democratic and free, allowing people from all walks of life to relate to contents that are normally kept closed to all but a few.

The only possible place for contemporary art to exist is in a zone of discomfort, in the frontier territory of uncertainty and risk. These hot girls make all of their orifices available for penetration.And we capture this deep anal sex with the best cameras in 4K Ultra-Def HD with 60 FPS.This is the perspective of the unprecedented biennial project Oi R—Other Ideas for Rio, which begins on September 7, 2012, and comes to an end with the 2016 Olympics, promoting original interventions in picture-postcard locations around the city.Internationally prestigious artists who had never before created for the city were invited to propose major works for Rio de Janeiro’s urban landscape.The artists in this edition of Oi R come from very diverse artistic languages and origins but, in common, they have the experience of developing large-scale works.