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I did a number two in the can yesterday that floated there for ages uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh! The reply was pained and immediate “Shut up, Butt-h-” “SILENCE! The younger two fell quiet, but one raised his clenched fist behind the man's back, the middle finger extended. #1 answered quickly, his ridiculous Middle-Eastern accent becoming noticeable for the first time in the story. As they reached the top of the stairs they slipped quietly through an open door into a large, high-ceilinged chamber containing many people milling about, chatting.The other tapped a finger against his temple, then rotated it in mid-air, signifying that he believed him to be mad. “We're with ze caterers.” “What 'ave you got in those bags then, gents? The three men paused momentarily, holding their breaths, a look of panic upon their faces. Unnoticed they made their way to a table of canapés, picking a plate each and blending into the crowd.

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Unnoticed, the three men in Muslim garb filed quietly into the procession, the tallest leading the way. With a sigh, the man shook his head and began to lead the demonstrators along Whitehall towards Downing Street, where they intended to protest outside the home of the Prime Minister, who was that day receiving a delegation from the American embassy.Camshaft and Kennealy stepped down from the dais and began to indulge in small-talk with the assembled guests, a mixture of British and American politicians and celebrities. I do so like some nice buns.” “Ah yes.” was the woman's confused reply. ” muttered Goodwood “Its bloody Bonko, the boringly earnest singer with the band FU! Holding his arms wide the man on the dais suddenly brought his hands together with a loud clap. A strange silence had fallen over the room, holding all present in thrall. Well, certainly not me anyway – I made 1.7 billion dollars in Facebook shares, which after tax is … He still doesn't seem to have found what he was looking for, though. Adam and eve, believe, septic tank, yank, loaf of bread, head. ” Giving up the pretence of translating, Tamara simply said “He didn't realise that Annelle was your wife, Mr Sachs, and he fears he has made a fool of himself.” She felt it unnecessary to translate ' James Blunt' from the vernacular. In a ludicrous Eastern European accent, Annelle spoke to her husband “Ai know zis is my first visit to zis contry, but zey are so strainge. ” “You'll get used to it – the Brits are naturally eccentric, and if you spend too much time here you end up the same way.” her husband replied laconically. She wore only tiny hot-pants with stars and stripes printed on, and a glittering, gold, tight strapless boob-tube top, which was struggling to hold in her ample breasts. Not even the Brits could fuck up a good fast-food burger … ' Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Annelle Sachs quietly observed the scene, as chef Gordon Bastard gave professional advice to his brigade of trained cooks. YOUR BRAIN SHUTS DOWN MORE OFTEN THAN THE FUCKING AMERICAN GOVERNMENT! Suddenly she broke away and, twisting around, she pulled her skirt up around her waist. “Anyway, Legg, go get someone to replace him, find an MP or someone.” said the Prime Minister. ” The two men passed by, and #2 continued down to the inside of the front door, whereupon he quickly removed several packages of plastic explosives from his rucksack, taping them to the inside of the door, and connecting them to a cell-phone.The Lord Mayor of London, Ivan Goodwood, approached Mrs Kennealy. Snapping out of his reverie, the Mayor hastily added “Baps, er.. Seeking to make small-talk, Ivan continued “Er, I say – shall have to have a word with old Camshaft, that plant there,” he indicated the plant pot adjacent to the woman “looks rather wilted, doesn't it? Dressed all in black except for a shiny, sparkly, glittering silver cowboy hat and brown wraparound sunglasses, he leapt onto the stage and began to shout through one of the microphones. Ye should all be talking about how to save the world! He clapped once more, then spoke into the microphone, his Irish accent evident “Every toime oi bring moi hands together...” foaming at the mouth he clapped again “a child dies...” “Well stop bloody doing it, then! However, I must say, I don't know what he's doing here? My Deputy organised the invites, we tried to get as many famous Americans as we could who were in London at the moment, just so this would be a great photo opportunity for us all.” Kennealy replied “That's Jason Beeper – he's a pop star alright, but he's Canadian! He was also complimenting Mrs Sachs on her appearance.” She smiled, not wishing to translate thirty three and a third to bird, a slang term for woman, Barnet fair to hair, human race to face, thrupenny, or three pence bits to tits, Khyber Pass to ass, bacon and eggs to legs, Uncle Bert to skirt, biscuits and cheese to knees and Hampton Wick to prick. She giggled coquettishly as she spoke in a soft Southern accent “So, y'all really like went to the war in Iraqistan, then huh? YOU' RE SO SLEEPY AND DOPEY YOU COULD BE TWENTY EIGHT POINT FIVE PERCENT OF THE FUCKING SEVEN DWARVES BY YOURSELF! She bent forward across a convenient work-table, spreading her legs and pulling the black lace of her panties to one side, exposing her glistening slit. ” she urged, with a breathless sexuality, “Thrust your bratwurst of ecstasy deep into my schnitzel of delight! He then drew a Glock pistol from the bag, and scrambled back up the stairs.You are all currently enjoying, I hope, a glass of finest English sparkling wine as an aperitif.” He too looked around the room at the assembled bunch of overpaid miscreants. ” “Yes, Dave, sorry Dave.” piped the little man before scuttling off. “AND WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN MY FUCKING KITCHEN? speak vit you at vonce.” she said, solemnly and quietly. Puzzled, he indicated a doorway which led through to a walk-in food storage room.

He saw the Ambassador's wife take a sip from her glass. “Go and see if Bastard is nearly ready, then we can show our guests the menu.” “Yes Dave.” yelped Legg. Across the room two men were deeply engaged in conversation. Annelle stepped through, followed by Bastard, who closed and locked the door behind him.

Behind him a large group of similarly dressed people wielded banners and placards. is all about g-g-g-getting the British and American g-governments to … understand that Tourette's Syndrome is a very real and and and and and and and and and curable problem. ” In a well-drilled response, the assembled crowd answered as one: “A CURE FOR TOURETTE' S! ” “Huh-uh, huh-uh, huh-uh, chill out, Achmed, dude! Through tightly clenched teeth, the first man hissed once more “Silence! Remember, now we do not use our real names, so that the infidels will not discover our true identities.

He spoke to the camera, occasionally whistling involuntarily, stuttering and blinking. You will call me Number One from now on, and you will be Number Two and Number Three. ” “Uhhh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, that means you're a Number Two, Beavis!

The three shadowy figures in Muslim garb watched intently as the various celebrities and politicians, the great and the good, obediently filed into the Dining Room. Finally, Annelle shrieked “I come, I come, my inner goddess squirts the juices of blessed love! WE ARE FUCKING CHEFS AND WE HAVE FUCKING MEALS TO PUT OUT, COOKED, PLATED UP, OUT, DONE!

They saw diplomats and royalty, singers and actors, so many famous faces. ” As her paraurethral ducts secreted liquid, which passed out through her urethra with a force of 2.74 pounds per square inch, his own ejaculation began, his sex funnel blasting its creamy fondant icing load into the cavern of her waiting moist donut. She stood up straight and, after re-adjusting her clothes, lent forward, gave him a peck on the cheek and walked out, casting a cheery “Zank you! She slipped back into the dining room unnoticed, calmly taking her seat at the table once more. ” #1 spun around, and aimed a burst of gunfire above Bastard's head, blowing his hat off.

“Oh yah, one certainly did serve one's time out there with the jolly old troops, what? One used to fly one's jolly whirly-copter around, machine-gunning those damned Tallybun fellows just like in a video game. They began to grind together, she gyrating her hips back towards him, whilst he grasped her love handles, pounding into her with aplomb. Meanwhile, upstairs, #1 had walked into the kitchen.