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We can’t have people knowing about the incest.” “Well, you can be the father,” I said, leaning back. ” “Let everyone know,” Melody said, reaching out and taking Clint’s hand.


I’ll spank you just as hard as Aunt Cheryl.” “Yes,” Clint groaned, staring at the door. Clint ripped his cock out of my sister’s mouth, leaving her shuddering, saliva dribbling down her chin. Clint rammed his dick down my gullet in a single thrust, his balls smacking against my chin. Then he was fucking Vicky’s mouth while I gasped for breath. The thwack of his balls cracked through the room, joining the wet plunge of Melody’s fingers.

His face twisted with pleasure, coming closer and closer to cumming. Vicky gurgled on his cock, her lips forced into his pubic hair.

“I can’t have you all pregnant at once.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alicia Elliston “But…I have to wait, too? We nuzzled at his cock, moaning, Vicky’s hand stroking his dick, mine playing with his balls.

“Big perv.” Melody gave a wicked giggle as I rose from my seat, a shudder of excitement passing through me. His precum leaked out salty, coating our tongues and lips.

Hiragawa said, “until our next periods, Master.” “What? And their mouths and asses.” “I love it up the ass, Master,” Lee moaned. ” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cheryl Elliston “The doctor will be with you in a few minutes,” the nurse said as she slipped out of the exam room. And I could tell that Clint savored skirting the edge of discovery. People wondered if he did other things with other members of the family. “Mommy-slut wouldn’t do that to her big, strong son.” “Then make me cum,” he growled, hands seizing our hair.

“And birth control tests for everyone to make sure no one else is pregnant,” Ms. “I’ll bring them home tonight from the drug store.” “Good,” Clint nodded, taking a deep breath. “It does mean no having vaginal intercourse with your Mom, Alicia, Lee, and myself,” Ms. “You’ll just have to enjoy the rest of us until then. “Oh, suck his cock, you naughty slaves,” moaned Melody, the exam table creaking. My dyed-blonde hair merging with my sister’s black as we attacked his cock. “That’s it, you sluts,” grinned Clint as our tongues ran up the shaft of his cock to the throbbing tip. You don’t want to get us in trouble.” “No, Master,” Vicky moaned. For a list of all the Incestuous Harem’s Chapters and other stories click here Comments are very welcome. Her two weeks abstaining from orgasms, her punishment for being a brat, was over. I would like all criticism, positive and negative, so long as it’s constructive, and feedback is very appreciated. “Yep,” Melody said, her blonde hair bouncing about her shoulders as she stepped back, brandishing the pregnant test. “Pink line makes me preggers.” “Holy shit,” I groaned. It was so hot saying it as my cock pumped in them, and then to hear them beg for my seed, to be knocked up by their brother or son or nephew… It’s only been two-and-a-half weeks.” “You must have knocked me up almost right away,” she grinned the nudged her shoulder into nine. Pretty certain yesterday, but I thought I’d wait to see if I woke up bleeding before using the test.” I grimaced. You’ll be spanked so hard if we’re discovered.” “So hard,” growled Clint, his hand tightening in my hair. That he loved every second of my mouth loving his dick. I want you gagging on it, whore.” “Yes,” hissed Melody. The whole harem was here, Mom and Zoey, Stefani and Ms. They had just made their announcement and Clint’s decision. “I researched it when we all first started.” “Well, that does simplify things,” Mom said. One day, you’ll have my child.” He reached out across the table, past Melody, to take my hand. I stared up at my strong son, loving the domination in his eyes. Our tongues danced over his cock, brushing, caressing each other.