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Burong olek-olek (jester bird) is the Brown Gannet .

} m.d., f.r.c.p., a contribution to the Psv- chology of "Latah" .\ 14-0 Hamilton', A, W.

The nine suitors attack Anta Beranta, sending a rude letter which read by the priest Shaikh Aladin rouses the ruler's ire. Raja Kabir asks why their marriage is not consummated. The kathi sentences both to be imprison- ed in a cage in the palace. Si-Kembar pretends still to be a jungle slave and re- fuses to marry her. The next day he saves the fight again, and again vanishes. Indra Bangsawan visits the friendly demon, dons his magic- raiment and returns to the princess as Si-Ivembar. Page in iv vii xiii xiv YY1Y xxxiii The Grave-Stone of Sultan Mansur Shah of Malacca (1458- 1477 A. 29 The Tiger-breed* families, by Zainul Abidm bvn Ahmad ienst, jaarverslag, 1919, Deele 1-2, (1920). Department van Landbouv, Xijverheid en Handel in Xederlandsch Indie, Mededeelingen, No. Remarks upon certain Currency notes, Coins and Tokens emanating from Malaya during and after the War .

On the fruit and germination of Isoptera borneensis .

The Akuan or Spirit friends 378 The Gravestone of Sultan Mansur Shah of Malacca .

36 Firit part for the Year Price to non-members 1922.

The bride is- magnificently arrayed: — berbaju kesumba murub pinar emas, berurap-urap sari jayeng ke- katun, berpedaka susun telor, bertali leher tiga belit, beranting- anting kasna janoli perbuatan Sailan, berchinchin permata di-apit dengan intan ikatan Sailan, bergelang tiga sa-belah perbnatan Variaman, berhilat-kilat bulu naga suir, bersekar suliun, bersifai alis manisan berchelak seni bibir-nya merah bertemu urat.

In due course Indra Bangsawan and his bride are enthroned on a seven-tiered stand (pancha-persada) and taken in procession and married by Kadzi Fa'alu'd-din. Bertanya bertanya tepat to ask exactly: a direct question.

On some large-fruited species and in particular upon the effects of the pressure of- the embryo against the interior of the fruit-wall .