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It’s important that your Chromecast Audio is plugged into a power socket and connected to your wireless network during this time.

You can follow the steps below to try to activate an available update if you think your device may be eligible: To change the Wi-Fi network your Chromecast Audio is connected to, simply open up the Google Home app on your phone, tablet or computer and tap the gear icon on your Chromecast Audio device card.

Chromecast Audio updates are rolled out gradually to users and your device will update automatically.

Once an update is available, it can take up to two weeks for it to reach your device.

Enabling "Power Saving Mode" can limit the processing power of that device which could affect the performance of the Cast Audio feature.

If you purchased your Chromecast Audio from Google Play or an authorised Chromecast Audio retailer and are in need of a replacement, please contact us for assistance. If you purchased your Chromecast from someone other than a Google-authorised retailer, your purchase is not covered by our warranty.

All of your available Chromecast Audio groups should appear in the list of available sources.

Please turn off "Power Saving Mode" for the Android device that you're using to cast content.

For Spotify, you’ll find the Cast icon at the bottom of your screen below the Play button. When trying to cast from those video apps, casting will not be successful.

Tap Devices Available to see your available devices. Here's a complete list of Chromecast Audio supported audio apps. To cast your Android Audio to a multi-room group, follow the instructions to Cast your Android Audio from the Google Home app.

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