These results seem to indicate a similar pattern in the sequences that may dictate the quality of biotin binding.

The VH and the VL c DNA of this antibody are sequenced and cloned.

The Patriots were seven-point favorites and had won fourteen of sixteen regular-season games, based in large part on the running of new fullback Corey Dillon, acquired from the Cincinatti Bengals in the off-season.

Now if like me and an Eagles fan the fourth quarter gives you indigestion as the birds would fall behind 24-14 and yet instead of playing with a sense of hurry and urgency the offense stalled as coach Andy Reid played to conservative with short passes of dink and dunk and the bad clock management took time off the clock as the late TD pass to Greg Lewis cut the lead to 24-21 yet it was to late.

The Pats would close out and a great game was had from WR Deion Branch game MVP and he tied the Super Bowl record with 11 receptions.

Thanks to him, Mc Nabb, and running back Brian Westbrook, the Eagles won 13 games, the most in franchise history.

The Patriots' new fullback was long judged to be a source of trouble in ...

The V sequence of the anti-biotin antibody with those of avidin and streptavidin reveals a similarity in the CDR2 and CDR3 regions of the antibody with known biotin-binding motifs in two of the homologous stretches of avidin and streptavidin.

The V sequence shows no similarity to such stretches of avidin or streptavidin.The birds would get one last rally try with little time left only to have QB Donovan Mc Nabb throw his third interception that ended Philly's hope with 17 seconds left.To bad the Eagles tried as hard as they could and flew high just not high enough a tough loss for any Philadelphia Eagles fan.gene of a monoclonal anti-biotin antibody was determined.Biotin-binding motifs, similar to those in avidin and streptavidin, were identified in complementarity determining regions 2 and 3, suggesting that natural selection of functional motifs may occur in unrelated protein types.As its name indicates, a person with the syndrome has one Y chromosome and four X chromosomes on the 23rd pair, thus having 49 chromosomes rather than the normal 46.